Starting a Rock Band - How to allocate the instruments correctly.

Date: 2009-02-02 12:52:57 Author: Gareth Hobbs

You started with karaoke and managed to get more than the usual warm round of indifference.

Then Sony brought out Guitar Hero and you were one of the first in line to pick up a copy. After mastering the complicated riffs, you saw another game, this one called rock band. You pick it up and after one drunken evening with your mates you decide itís time to start a band.

Of course, here it is that you hit your first setback, none of you know how to play an instrument. But being the self-confident go-getter that you are, you know that there is no such thing as a setback, merely an opportunity you havenít seen yet. After some thought you realise that this is the perfect moment to choose the correct instrument for each of your friends.

So, for any rock band you need at least four people, five would be better, but it all depends on who your friends are. First, you need to choose the drummer. This is probably the easiest casting to make. The tone-deaf talentless one in the group, and thereís always one, has to be the drummer. To complete the look, he needs to grow his hair long and maybe not wash it for a month or two.

The bass player is probably the next easiest to cast. To be successful as a bass player you have to be dark, brooding and silent. Minimal music talent and an ability to keep the beat are an added advantage, but if heís the guy that always gets the emo and goth chicks youíve got your man.

If youíre lucky enough to have four friends, you now have a difficult choice to make. Do you include 2 guitars, or one guitar and keyboards. Of course, Keyboards will add some versatility to your sound but youíll need the correct personality type. The funny guy whoís wardrobe is more functional than fashionable is your choice here.

Now comes the really tricky part, choosing the front man. This is going to be your spokesperson, the guy that causes woman to thro underwear at the stage and the image that is going to sell your albums when you realise how badly you suck as musicians. The front man can be the guitarist or the lead singer. Either way, heís got to be the hottest member of your band. If you have someone who can actually hit the tune during karaoke more than 50% of the time, heís the singer. Just make sure that if your guitarist is the frontman, he gets lots of practice at awesome soloís, jumping off amps, stage diving and generally being the rock idol you all dream of.

Now that everyone has the correct place all that remains is recording your first tune, posting the video on youtube and waiting for the studios to come calling. And remember if you happen to be the drummer, itís not all bad, so you might not get first choice of the groupies, but at least youíre not a roadie. Someday, people may actually recognise you.